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Take Out

A successful service delivered and guaranteed

A growing market

Takeaway and delivery have been considerable disruptors in the restaurant industry.

According to recent IBISWorld Data, the Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services industry in Australia will be worth $20.6 billion in 2021 – and driven by the Coronavirus pandemic, the popularity of delivery continues to rise.

Pizza companies have traditionally led the field in terms of delivery, but less obvious players are now taking a slice out of the delivery market to the delight of consumers keen on convenience.

For takeaway kitchens to keep up with customer demand and retain their strong brand reputation, they rely on hard-working equipment that can keep pace and ingredients fresh so they can continue to please patrons from the comfort of home.

Commercial refrigeration from True is manufactured specifically to meet the demands of the busiest takeaway services and can be configured to suit any space.

So, if you’re looking to deliver a perfect service every time, choose True.

92% of restaurant traffic is now off-premises
The average online order size is 23% larger than an in-store order
33% of consumers say they’re getting more takeout than before Covid-19
39% – the increase in UK food deliveries over the last three years

A typical take away kitchen environment



The GDM is perfect for stock and display at the front of a take out restaurant as a self-serve unit for takeaway drinks.


Ideal for menus with lots of different ingredients that require assembling, like pizzas or burgers


Store prepared food in cold storage while it awaits pick up–keeping produce fresh and delicious.


Tonnes of space for a wide variety of ingredients in upright refrigerator or freezer models.

Refrigeration that can keep up with demand

Configured to suit service

Takeaway kitchens need the best equipment so that business can continue to boom. There’s no time for slowed service, everything must enable speed and success for high quality and high turnover. The equipment required for a successful delivery service must be versatile and compatible with the limited space available.

As space can be tight, operators must think about appliances that are not limited to just a single menu item but offer the capacity and capability to produce several different dishes to the same high-quality standards.

Configured units help save space and keep up with demand. True’s range of configurable refrigerators and freezers are available in endless configuration options designed to suit any size or shape kitchen.

Plus, our range of counter and undercounter refrigerators and freezers combine a workspace for food preparation on top and refrigerator or freezer space directly underneath, enabling operators to make the most out of the space available and keep service efficient.

Freshness is paramount

Many restaurants who have branched out to offer a delivery service need to maintain their existing reputation with their delivery offer.

To do so, the food they deliver must match the quality of that being served in the restaurant itself.

True’s range of commercial refrigerators boasts impeccable hold temperatures that keep food products at a food-safe, preserved temperature, so ingredients remain fresh and tasty for as long as required.

To do so, True balances hydrocarbon refrigeration systems with the latest energy-efficient components and our own patented technologies through extensive development and testing. As a result, our products maintain consistent, accurate, and safe storage temperatures, even in the most demanding takeaway environments.

So, your ingredients are fresh and energy bills low, no matter how busy the service gets.

Equipment that can take the heat

Takeaway services can be incredibly demanding, so you need equipment you can rely on.

Manufactured specifically to meet the demands of a busy food service area, True’s range of refrigeration and freezer units gives your team direct access to organized and perfectly preserved chilled food items without slowing down service.

Plus, it doesn’t matter how busy service gets because True’s solutions have been tested in the most demanding kitchen environments, designed to withstand the heat and pressures of the busiest of services and achieve the longest possible service life.

What our customers say

“Fresh ingredients have to be kept at a consistent temperature of 2 or 3 degrees. Our True prep table allows us to do this. It is a critical element of our operation.

Our True equipment is always working, constantly maintaining great temperatures and also helping us to achieve cost savings in terms of energy use.”

Guillaume Thevenet, Franchisee, Pizza Cosy Rouanne

A friend to the planet and your pocket

Choosing energy-efficient equipment saves not only money but also the planet.

True’s hydrocarbon products harness the power of R290, a naturally occurring refrigerant, to produce highly energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly refrigeration equipment which doesn’t sacrifice performance – the perfect choice.

Save money & the planet

Through our HC development initiative, True now produce several of the most energy efficient commercial refrigeration products currently available on the market.

Immediate availability

For customer convenience, we maintain a high volume inventory of finished products locally, available for quick dispatch and delivery, direct to your premises.

Always here to help

Have a refrigeration requirement to discuss? Our locally-based customer and technical support teams are standing by to help!

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