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At Work

Working up an appetite

Boost team performance

An office is more than just the space people work in.

In many ways, it’s the home away from home for hardworking employees. With areas to work, eat and relax, modern offices need to combine functionality with sustainability and style.

For staff to do their best work, your workspace should meet their needs and be a space in which they can work and relax.

A rise in flexible working means employers are thinking more creatively to entice employees into the office, offering more open and varied spaces. This new wave of offices is shaping our workday future. And office kitchens and canteens are no different.

Employees who are satisfied with their work environments are 16% more productive
Over 22,000 flexible workspace office spaces in the world today
Flexible working will increase to 37% compared to 18% before the Coronavirus pandemic
32% of companies offered complimentary refreshments in 2018

A typical workplace environment

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Stock snacks and refreshments in a dedicated unit that you can replenish yourself or hire a vending company to refill.


Used to dispense various beverages like alcohol, iced coffee and much more.


TUC’s are perfect for milk storage under coffee machines for work place fuel.


Encourage staff to bring in their own food with attractive, temperature-maintaining units that can even be locked for security.

Refrigeration that works as hard as you do

Perfect for the workplace

Flexibly designed, built for efficiency

Office buildings are becoming smaller and smaller, and as a result, so are the kitchens.

Businesses need to make optimum use of the limited space available, creating environments where employees want to spend time, collaborate, share ideas, and most importantly, eat.

It’s important to remember that the modern workforce is no longer static. With the rise of remote workers and the growth rate of start-ups, flexible design is a crucial element.

True’s range of upright and under-counter refrigerators can be built right into an enclosure, helping save valuable space while still working to optimum functionality.

Plus, flexible design options allow you to customize units to match the color scheme of your space – creating a consistent and sleek look – providing both form and function.

Looks good enough to eat

Enabling employees to take a break and come back to work refreshed is a win-win for employees and businesses, particularly when that break takes place at work. Everyone knows that happy employees are productive.

Attractive display cabinets packed full of nutritious sandwiches, pasta, salads, and even delicious desserts entice custom and increase employee loyalty.

LED lighting can help show off food in its best light, catching attention and producing a premium look and feel. Branded sign panels can also be used, providing a personal, branded experience for employees.

Not only does displaying food in an attractive cabinet help improve your premises’ overall aesthetic – you’re also showing employees how dedicated you are in providing them with the best service.

A friend to the planet and your pocket – perfect for corporate responsibility

Choosing energy-efficient equipment saves not only money but also the planet.

As businesses feel increasing pressures to become more ‘eco aware’ in their operations, True is here to help.

True balances hydrocarbon refrigeration systems with the latest in energy-efficient components and our own patented technologies through extensive development and testing. Our products maintain consistent, accurate, and safe storage temperatures in any environment.

True’s hydrocarbon products harness the power of R290, a naturally-occurring refrigerant, to produce highly energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly refrigeration equipment which doesn’t sacrifice performance – the perfect choice.

Need help with workplace refrigeration?

Grab n’ Go

A rise in flexible working requires rethinking workspaces with more people using co-working spaces or splitting time between home and the office.

And this extends as far as the hospitality offer too.

Micro Markets are a great way of keeping employees on-site and create functional spaces designed to keep employees happy.

Because of their grab-and-go style, there are more options to choose from, and business owners can take a commercial cut too.

Micro markets rely on flexible refrigeration solutions to allow for a large capacity, high-quality produce, and a wide range of options. True has been supporting organizations in this process, supplying refrigeration solutions to match their aspirations, including glass door coolers and display cabinets.

Save money & the planet

Through our HC development initiative, True now produce several of the most energy efficient commercial refrigeration products currently available on the market.

Immediate availability

For customer convenience, we maintain a high volume inventory of finished products locally, available for quick dispatch and delivery, direct to your premises.

Always here to help

Have a refrigeration requirement to discuss? Our locally-based customer and technical support teams are standing by to help!

Wake up and smell the coffee

For many employees, coffee has become part of their daily routine. To some, it is the necessary fuel needed to get through the workday.

More and more businesses are introducing or improving coffee areas so employees can easily access coffee throughout the day. Coffee-making stations can often be found on every building floor and aren’t just limited to a boiling kettle.

But it isn’t enough to create the best cup of coffee. Ingredients must be high quality and stored as such. Milk, cream, even sweet treats to go alongside their beverage should be kept at top temperatures to ensure the ultimate pairing.

Luckily, all True refrigerators maintain holding temperatures of between 0.5°C to 3.3°C to keep supplementary products tasting as fresh as possible.

Sharing is caring

Employers also need to consider those who prefer to bring their food to work.

Gone are the days of cramped, musty-smelling communal refrigerators. Packed with labeled containers and forgotten about food.

Employees have come to expect a quality of service from their workplace, which extends to where their food is kept.

True’s range of upright refrigeration preserves products at top temperatures, keeping food fresh, illness low, and satisfaction high. Our e-bracket shelving increases capacity and ensures space for everyone’s meals.

Perfect for communal applications, our range can be customized to suit the environment and keep morale high. Some models also include door locks as standard for improved security when required – lunch thieves beware.

Need help with workplace refrigeration?

We’re available

Whether you’re looking for practical refrigeration advice or need product support, we’re always here to help. Contact us below.

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