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High standards for health.

Caring for healthcare

Exceptional food is an essential part of providing exceptional care.

As we age, the food groups required for a healthy diet are different, with more emphasis on fresh fruit and veg due to their high fiber and vitamin content.

And for those in critical or vulnerable conditions, the need for healthy, high-quality foods is imperative to their recovery and to improve their lifestyle.

Storing large quantities of fresh ingredients can be difficult to manage, leading to poor storage conditions and more food wastage. But not with help from True.

Care sector refrigeration from True has been carefully designed for optimal storage to ensure temperatures are consistent for safer, longer-lasting food storage. As a result, those in your care receive high-quality meals with less waste.

39% of hospital staff feel that food and catering facilities offered in their workplaces are poor
140 million
More than 140 million meals are served to patients every year, as well as a further 1.25 million to staff
89% of hospitals and 82% of care homes have nutrition screening policies in place to identify residents most at risk from malnutrition

Care sector refrigeration in a cafeteria setting



If space is limited counter refrigerator units are perfect for both storage and prep, helping to streamline service.


Showcase desserts and healthy options in display refrigerators that whet the appetite.


Allow residents, patients and customers to pick up bottled drinks before walking down to the till.


Self-serve options give residents and patients the freedom to choose what they’d like to eat.

Refrigeration that works as hard as you do

Perfect for healthcare

Keeping food fresher for longer

Demands on healthcare organizations are growing. They’re expected to deliver better outcomes, for more patients, with less money, making the importance of ingredient quality paramount.

To get the best value out of their ingredients, catering staff must ensure produce is stored at optimum temperatures to keep food fresher for longer. This helps to prolong the life of stock and helps healthcare groups maintain high-quality, hygienic standards for those in their care.

True’s range of commercial refrigerators boasts impeccable hold temperatures that keep food products at a food-safe, preserved temperature. Ingredients remain fresh, tasty and highly nutritious for as long as required – allowing healthcare organizations to serve nutrient-rich food to patients and residents and maintain government recommended standards.

To do so, True balances hydrocarbon refrigeration systems with the latest in energy-efficient components and True’s own patented technologies through extensive development and testing. Our units maintain consistent, accurate, and safe storage temperatures, even in the most demanding environments.

Keeping quality high.

Historically, care home and hospital food hasn’t been held in the highest regard. Quality, taste, portion size and menu choice have all, at times, come under scrutiny by patients, residents and staff.

But that has changed. There is now more choice than ever and caterers have introduced a higher standard, accommodating for dietary requirements and more variation overall.

However, to maintain these higher standards, kitchens must be efficient and scaled to suit high-pressure services. With people living for much longer, the demand for care services is increasing and catering teams must keep up without sacrificing production. Having prep equipment you can rely on is key to ensuring your staff can keep pace, so meals can be prepared with ease and speed to maintain efficiency and standards.

Save money & the planet

Through our HC development initiative, True now produce several of the most energy efficient commercial refrigeration products currently available on the market.

Immediate availability

For customer convenience, we maintain a high volume inventory of finished products locally, available for quick dispatch and delivery, direct to your premises.

Always here to help

Have a refrigeration requirement to discuss? Our locally-based customer and technical support teams are standing by to help!

Equipment you can rely on

True’s range of chilled preparation solutions can help you optimize your operations for a more efficient service while ensuring the optimum preservation of your ingredients.

Manufactured specifically to meet the demands of a busy food preparation area, they give your team direct access to organized and perfectly preserved chilled food items without slowing down service, keeping your ingredients safe to consume without compromising their quality.

Plus, it doesn’t matter how busy service gets because True’s solutions have been tested in the most demanding kitchen environments. They’re designed to withstand the heat and pressures of the busiest of services and achieve the longest possible service life.

Strive to be sustainable

Choosing energy-efficient equipment helps ensure government food procurement standards are upheld and social responsibility targets are met.

True balances hydrocarbon refrigeration systems with the latest in energy-efficient components and our own patented technologies through extensive development and testing. Our products maintain consistent, accurate, and safe storage temperatures in any environment.

True’s hydrocarbon products harness the power of R290, a naturally occurring refrigerant, to produce highly energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly refrigeration equipment which doesn’t sacrifice performance – the perfect choice for those looking to be more sustainable in their kitchen operations.

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