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Sourcing the Right Refrigeration for Your Office

An office is more than just the space people work in.

In many ways, it’s the home away from home for hardworking employees. With areas to work, eat and relax, modern offices need to combine functionality with sustainability and style. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how you can ensure these qualities appear in your refrigeration – and why it’s important.

Just like an ideal home, an office should be a comfortable space that people enjoy being in. It should encourage inspiration, creativity and productivity – and reflect company culture.

For staff to do their best work, your office should meet the needs of your employees and be a space in which they can work and relax.

Flexible spaces

The introduction of Google and WeWork style offices has transformed tradition. Now a new wave of office spaces are shaping our workday future.

Spaces are becoming more open and more flexible.

And office kitchens and canteens are no different.

Keen to keep people on premises and offer flexible space, business leaders are creating cool, functional spaces to keep staff happy. True has been supporting organizations in this process, supplying refrigeration solutions to match their aspirations.

Businesses pride themselves on being collaborative, so it’s no wonder they rely on this space so much.

People tend to gravitate towards the kitchen and breakrooms for one-to-ones, thoughtful chats, and productive meetings. So, it makes sense to have a comfortable space which is available to everyone.

Some businesses have gone all-out with their break area to help improve employee satisfaction, transforming the entire office to make the kitchen a thriving hub of activity – complete with barista-style coffee.

Yet for many businesses, office kitchen space is often limited, meaning extra care must be taken when designing and fitting kitchen equipment.

A Blurred Office Kitchen

Dining tables now double up as meeting spaces – so they need to look cool.

Understanding customer demand

Having been pioneers of commercial refrigeration for over 70 years, True understands the needs of its customers.

When it comes to office space refrigeration, here are some things to bear in mind.

Space saving

Office buildings are becoming smaller and smaller and as a result, so are the kitchens.

Upright and undercounter refrigerators can be built right into an enclosure, helping save valuable space while still working to optimum functionality.

Attractive design

An attractive space will help encourage staff to use the office kitchen and will be an area worth showing off to guests and clients.

Tempt people into using refrigerators with classy LED lighting, helping display products in its best light. Branded sign panels can also be used, providing a personal, branded experience for employees.

True Display Cabinet at WeWork Office London

True’s upright glass door refrigerator built into ‘grab and go’ outlet.

Robust manufacturing

Larger scale offices can employ over 200 staff – therefore any piece of office equipment needs to be robust, and refrigeration is no exception.

Your solutions need to be designed to withstand constant use and wear and tear, achieving the longest possible service life.

Energy efficiency

Keeping costs low is important to any business. Choosing energy efficient equipment not only saves money, but also the planet. Being portrayed as ‘eco aware’ is important to corporate social responsibility, and has a variety of benefits other than saving money.

True’s hydrocarbon products harness the power of R290, a naturally-occurring refrigerant, to produce highly energy efficient and environmentally-friendly refrigeration equipment which doesn’t sacrifice on performance – the perfect choice.

Sourcing the right equipment

We understand the importance of choosing the right equipment for your workspace. With nearly 75 years of experience and know-how, we’ve been creating equipment designed around customer needs for decades.

We can offer practical advice and refrigeration that can take your kitchen space to the next level. For the latest, register for regular insights here.

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