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Getting your commercial kitchen set for summer

2021 has been another tumultuous year for hospitality operators across Australia. Even those who’ve been lucky enough to escape the extended disruptions seen in Victoria, NSW and the ACT, have still needed to navigate the constant threat of snap lockdowns, short-term closures and other health orders.

The good news is, as we saw in 2020, the sector is remarkably resilient. With summer and the all-important festive season fast approaching, more and more commercial kitchens are, finally, returning to some sort of ‘normal.’

Of course, getting back up to speed comes with its challenges. Covid safety protocols, for one, can be complex and time-consuming affecting everything from seating plans and booking processes, to table settings. Staffing is another issue causing plenty of headaches across the sector right now, complicated by ever-changing rules surrounding vaccinated and non-vaccinated workers.

But even beyond these human challenges, there are several important things to keep in mind, especially when it comes to your commercial kitchen equipment.

If your kitchen has been closed, or running at a reduced capacity for some time, it’s important to make sure your commercial refrigerators and freezers are still in good – and hygienic – working order. Not unlike a car that’s been sitting idle in a garage gathering dust, you need to be careful that you don’t cause any costly damage by going ‘too hard too soon’.

Take the time to give your kitchen equipment a deep clean (inside and out), check the wiring, test the thermostat and other settings, and look for any signs of pests, spoiled food or other damage. Ideally, do all this well before returning to your normal serving capacity too. That way if there are any issues, you’ll have plenty of time to put things right!

The result will be safer and more efficient cooling as the peak of the summer season gets into full swing, which is great news for you, your staff, your customers – and your bottom line.

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