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Spring-ing into action!

Your 12-point Commercial Refrigeration ‘Spring Clean’ Checklist

It’s been a long and challenging winter for commercial kitchens across many parts of Australia. But the good news is Spring has finally sprung and, as the weather begins to warm, there are green shoots slowly beginning to appear for the hospitality sector.

With lockdowns and restrictions continuing to ease for restaurants, clubs and other food operators, the promise of a bumper Summer and festive season is just around the corner. That means right now is the perfect time to do a ‘spring clean’ in your kitchen to make sure your refrigeration equipment is in tip top shape for the busy months ahead.

Sure, it may take a little extra time and elbow grease. But, rest assured, carrying out a few simple maintenance steps on your freezers, refrigerators and chiller cabinets is worth every second! You’ll be saving on electricity, prolonging the life of your equipment, and cutting down on potentially-costly emergency repairs.

To help, here’s our 12-point Commercial Refrigeration ‘Spring Clean’ checklist:

  1. Empty and clean the interior using warm soapy water (defrosting first if necessary)
  2. Where possible, carefully move the equipment just enough to clean the floor underneath and walls behind.
  3. Check, clean and degrease all condenser coils – carefully removing any dust and grime
  4. Check condensate drain lines so they’re clear and unobstructed
  5. Check the condition of all door gaskets (seals) and replace/repair as necessary
  6. Check all thermostats are set to the right temperatures and adjust if needed
  7. Check and clean all compressors and control wiring
  8. Check refrigerant levels and replace/top up as needed
  9. Check oil motors if oil ports exist
  10. Check suction line insulation and replace/repair if damaged
  11. Check, clean and lightly lubricate all door hinges
  12. Check and adjust defrost timers.

Note: we recommend that only trained refrigeration engineers undertake some of the above actions.

Like to know more about maintaining your commercial refrigeration equipment? You can find the user manual for your product by entering the serial number into the My True section of the website, or by heading over to the Literature page.

For anything else, contact True Refrigeration today.

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