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True’s Self-Cleaning Condenser Fan Motor keeps your commercial refrigeration equipment delivering peak performance.

Did you know that all commercial refrigeration equipment requires periodic cleaning of its Condenser Coil to perform efficiently? Or that a blocked Condenser is one of the most common causes of commercial refrigeration equipment failure? How about that such failures aren’t ever covered under manufacturer warranties, so you’d be left footing the repair bill?

Read on to find out how you can avoid this outcome, why periodic Condenser Coil cleaning is so important, and how True is helping you to reduce the frequency of mandatory preventative maintenance through innovative product features.

Ingress is the enemy of your commercial fridge.

Condenser coils are a key component of most modern commercial refrigeration equipment. They perform the task of removing heat from the circulating refrigerant, essential to the refrigeration cycle which allows a fridge to achieve and maintain its low temperatures. This typically works by having a fan positioned behind the coil that pulls in cooler air from the environment surrounding the cabinet.

As a result of this setup, other material such as flour, dust and grease can also be sucked in and build up on the surface of the coil. Over time, this accumulation can restrict the flow of cool air, impacting the system’s ability to regulate temperature. Without periodic cleaning of the coil, the build-up can cause the system components to need to run longer than they normally would, to try and reach temperature, consuming more electricity in the process so also increasing your energy bill. Ultimately, this additional strain can also impact the overall lifespan of the components, causing them to require replacement sooner.

Preventative Maintenance is essential.

Some equipment operators may not be aware of this fact, others may consider it a hassle they’d rather not have to do, but periodic cleaning of the condenser coil is an essential requirement of keeping any commercial fridge or freezer operating efficiently.

The type of environment which a unit is operating in can also determine how often the coil will require cleaning. Pizza restaurants and bakeries who throw around a lot of flour in the preparation of their dough, for example, may find that their coils need cleaning much more regularly than others.

Depending on the type, brand and orientation of the cabinet, access to the coil may be via the front, rear or sides and top or bottom of the unit. Further instructions on how to access and clean the coil for your specific product can typically be found in the supplied instruction manual or via the manufacturer’s website. Many have visual guides and videos to take you through the process, step-by-step:

A helping hand from True.

A standard feature on all True Refrigeration “HC” products is our RCU (Reverse Condensing Unit) fan motor, designed specifically to help reduce the build-up of dirt and debris that can gather on the surface of the coil by periodically reversing the direction of the fan, so instead of sucking in air, it changes direction to blows outward, removing some of the build-up.

In testing, we have found that without any periodic Condenser Coil cleaning taking place, a fridge WITH the RCU fan motor consumed 20% less energy during operation than one WITHOUT. So, while the RCU technology does not replace the need for preventative maintenance, it does significantly increase operating efficiency and can extend the life span of the cabinet.

This is just one example of the beneficial features and innovations which are built into every True Refrigeration product. In fact, we’re so confident about the quality and long-term viability of our products that we back every cabinet with a fully comprehensive 5 Years Parts & Labour Warranty on ALL products, as standard, for additional peace of mind.

Looking to maximise cooling performance whilst minimising cleaning and maintenance time? Contact us today.


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