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5 reasons why you need a commercial display fridge

Today’s commercial refrigerators serve a multitude of purposes. The most obvious, of course, revolves around keeping your food and ingredients fresher, longer. But did you know there’s another use which many food operators in Australia continue to miss out on? That is, using their commercial fridges to create tempting displays at the point of purchase. 

Installing commercial display fridges at the front of house can be a powerfully simple way to generate added purchases from your customers. It can also bring a number of other important benefits, especially when space – and time – is at a premium. Here are 5 great reasons to consider installing a commercial display fridge in your business in 2022: 

Reason #1: Space optimisation 

We all know floorspace can be scarce when you’re running a busy commercial kitchen. By installing display refrigeration at (or near) the front of house, you’ll almost instantly free up valuable room for additional equipment, ingredients, plating areas or even more kitchen staff. Just imagine what that could mean for your bottom line? 

Reason #2: Easier to monitor and replenish 

The very nature of commercial display refrigeration means the food, meals and other products you display inside are readily visible. This makes it far easier to manage and replenish your stock than with solid door refrigeration units. You can quickly see what you have (and what you don’t) without opening and closing the door all the time. This means you’ll likely save energy as warm air won’t be constantly entering. In many cases, your food will stay fresher too. 

Reason #3: Better organisation 

It isn’t just you and your staff who can see inside your display fridges. Your customers and guests can too – something which provides great incentive to keep your food and ingredients organised so they look their very best. Customers are always more attracted to businesses (and foods) which are well presented. As an added bonus, the tidier your fridges are organised, the easier it is to find what you need. 

Reason #4: Simple to clean 

Most commercial display units – including ours at True Refrigeration – feature large glass panel doors which are quick and simple to clean, usually with little more than a damp cloth. 

If there are any spills or stains on the inside of the unit, you can easily see those too. This lets you keep your display refrigerators looking in great condition, with minimum effort. 

Reason #5: Visual marketing! 

Humans are highly visual creatures, especially when it comes to food. As the saying goes, we really do eat with our eyes. This makes display refrigeration the perfect marketing tool for cafés, snack bars, bistros and restaurants. Strategically positioned to attract optimum foot-traffic, they’re a fantastic way to catch the eye of hungry customers and increase sales. Is there a delicious menu special you’d like to promote? Showcase it in prominent spot in your display fridge and watch the orders flow. Coupled with the energy-saving LED lighting used in most display units, your menu will be even more appetising and irresistible. Yum! 

Ready to start enjoying the benefits of a commercial display solution? 

Contact True Refrigeration today. 

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