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Putting commercial refrigeration to work in the office

When people think about commercial refrigeration, they tend to think mostly of hospitality settings like cafés, bistros and restaurants. But with more and more people returning to the office, post-Covid, it pays to think about the type of refrigeration you have in your workplace too.

Home away from home

Over the past 18 months, millions of Australians have become quite accustomed to working from home. The extended break from the office has, unsurprisingly, seen priorities and attitudes change. Amongst other things, it means employers now need to think a lot more creatively to entice their employees back with more versatile and relaxed workspaces, and far better amenities – workplace kitchens very much included. Delivering on this requires both an open mind and additional resources. But it’s surely worth every dollar through the increased team loyalty, morale and productivity it brings.

Flexible and space efficient

The days of sweeping open-plan offices are fast disappearing. Modern workplaces are generally becoming smaller with more compact, team-oriented fitouts. It’s why True Refrigeration has developed a range of compact upright and under-counter refrigerators that can be built easily into the available enclosures in your office, helping you save valuable space while still working to optimum functionality. Our workplace refrigerators can be customised to suit virtually any environment.

Inspiring loyalty

Forward-thinking employers are also finding ways to use their workplace amenities in smarter ways. Rather than merely serve their employees, how can they be used to inspire them? One example is installing display units like our GDM Glass Door Refrigerators and stocking them with sandwiches, drinks, salads and even delicious desserts to reward team members and increase their loyalty. Branded signage panels can also be easily integrated into many units providing tailored messages for your employees. Some models even include door locks as standard for improved security. Lunch thieves beware!

Coffee, anyone?

In addition to main kitchen areas, we’re also seeing more and more businesses introducing dedicated coffee areas so their employees can easily access good-quality coffee throughout the day. Small and easy to use, coffee-making stations can be located almost anywhere and now offer a lot more than simply boiling a kettle. Compact refrigeration units like True Refrigeration’s TDD-1 are ideal for dispensing a variety of keg-based beverages like cold-brew coffee. (They can even dispense alcohol, should you wish!)

Leading by example

Just like consumers, today’s employees want to know their employers are doing all they can to be ‘eco aware’. Choosing efficient workplace refrigeration units sets a great example. Sustainability has long been a big focus for True Refrigeration, and sees us balance hydrocarbon refrigeration systems with the very latest in energy-efficient components and our own patented technologies. Our hydrocarbon products harness the power of R290, a naturally-occurring refrigerant, to produce highly energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly refrigeration equipment – without sacrificing performance.

These are just some of the ways modern commercial refrigeration units can bring real benefits to non-hospitality workplaces. There are many more, so be sure to think about how you could be taking full advantage in your own business.


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