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TRUE Story: 75 years of global refrigeration excellence

In 2021, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to commercial refrigerators and freezers. Of course, quantity doesn’t automatically equate to quality. Few other brands – if any – can offer the proven performance of True Refrigeration, a success story 75 years in the making.

Humble beginnings

The True Refrigeration story began in 1945 when our founder, Bob Trulaske, created amongst the first electric-powered commercial refrigeration units from his family’s backyard in St Louis, USA. It was an industry defining moment, and set the tone for an exciting journey of innovation that, by 1954, had already begun to draw interest from international markets. Today, under the guidance of current CEO, Steve Trulaske (Bob’s son), True Refrigeration equipment is trusted by foodservice operations in more than 100 countries around the world, with Australia one of our most dynamic markets.

Quality & innovation

At the heart of True’s position as a global commercial refrigeration leader, is our ongoing commitment to capital investment and innovation. As a privately-owned business, we have the unique ability to adjust swiftly to meet market trends and changing customer needs. Our R&D and engineering teams are consistently exploring and testing new technologies and production methods. Coupled with a ‘quality-first’ approach that sees us only use world-class materials and components, the result is commercial refrigeration products of truly outstanding efficiency, reliability and enduring value. All backed by one of the world’s best warranties, offering five years of peace of mind on all parts and labour.

Next Generation Refrigeration

Today, Australian commercial kitchens are increasing seeking sustainability and energy-efficiency – and rightly so! It’s why we’re actively balancing traditional hydrocarbon refrigeration systems with the very latest in energy-efficient components and new patented technologies, to engineer the next generation of high-performance, environmentally-friendly commercial refrigeration equipment. Clearly, this is great news for the planet. But it’s also great for businesses, with reduced energy consumption directly driving increased profitability.

While no-one can predict exactly what the future of commercial refrigeration will look like, rest assured True Refrigeration will be there, proudly leading the way with world-first innovations. Just as we’ve done for more than 75 years, and counting…

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