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True is on Topten.eu

Topten.eu is a consumer-oriented online comparison tool, which presents the most energy efficient models in various product categories.

Topten.eu is Europe’s leading product comparison site focussing on energy efficiency, featuring a wide range of consumer and professional electronics covered by Energy Labelling requirements, including TVs, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, domestic refrigeration but also professional refrigeration.

True is pleased to announce that several of our most energy-efficient products are listed on Topten.eu under the Storage Refrigerators, Storage Freezers and Vertical Display Cabinets categories.

The products listed on Topten.eu are the best on the European market in terms of reducing electrical consumption, a common goal for many organisations with targets around improving their sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

Topten.eu supports manufacturers, policy makers, experts and researchers in their work regarding European product policy, most notably Energy Labels and Ecodesign requirements, and since 2009 has been supported by the European Climate Foundation.

Many True products feature on Topten.eu since we’re an industry-leading energy-efficient manufacturer.

Research your refrigeration options

Rather than having to search on different manufacturer and distributor websites to find and compare product specifications, Topten.eu collects information in a single place so consumers can easily research and compare various product types from multiple brands, choosing an energy-efficient model that suits their needs.

By default, product categories are sorted by energy use with the most efficient/least consuming products listed at the top (typically the smallest products). Each page also includes various refiners help consumers compare by a specific type, net volume or running cost.

One of Topten.eu’s most useful features is an indicative running cost per product (in Euros) based on eight years of use – not something which is stated on Energy Labels or typically found in monetary terms on other sites.

Tax break incentives

If your business is looking to invest in new energy-efficient equipment after finding something suitable on Topten.eu or the True website, we recommend looking into Green Buying Incentives for your country.

To encourage businesses to invest in new and more energy-efficient equipment, some countries are currently offering tax break schemes as an additional benefit of going green. Other countries are encouraging businesses to invest in new assets in an attempt to boost spending after the financial fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

French operators have until December 31, 2022, get a tax discount of up to 40% when you buy a professional refrigerated cabinet that uses “clean” refrigerants.

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy is offering grant rebates for energy efficient refrigerators and freezers, up to 25% of the purchase price.

Germany’s National Climate Protection Initiative (August 27, 2020) includes funding a programme to promote the use of climate-friendly technology.

In the UK, new temporary tax reliefs on qualifying capital asset investments can be claimed from 1 April 2021, including commercial refrigeration equipment.

You can rely on True Refrigeration

Today, consumers have more choice than ever when selecting refrigeration equipment for their business. There are also more regulations around professional refrigeration than there has ever been before. Online search tools such as Topten.eu make the research process much more manageable.

However, for energy and environment-conscious operators who understand that refrigeration is a core investment of their business, there is only one choice.

The True brand is trusted worldwide by established and emerging operators who value the need for refrigeration they can rely on, which can keep up with the demands of a busy kitchen, day after day, year after year.

Our dedication to temperature, product durability, environmental responsibility and long-term after-sales warranty program is a winning combination that continues to resonate across the global foodservice and hospitality landscape.

Find out more about True’s product range at https://www.topten.eu/

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