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Industry leading refrigeration equipment. Industry leading warranty.

The unprecedented events of the past year have taught Australian business owners many things. One is that predicting the future is a very inexact science, especially for food and hospitality operators where so many variables are beyond your control.

5-year parts & labour warranty

While it’s impossible guarantee your business against every eventuality, one thing you can be sure of is the quality and performance of your commercial refrigeration equipment when you choose True refrigeration. Since 1 January 2021, ALL of our products are now supported, as standard, by an industry leading 5-year parts & labour warranty.

Refrigerated cabinets and freezers, prep tables and chef bases, display counters and more. They’re all covered, meaning should something go wrong with your refrigeration equipment through no fault of your own within five years of purchase – that’s a full 60 months of usage – we’ll repair it or replace it at no cost to you.

Five years is by far and away the longest such warranty currently available for commercial refrigeration equipment in Australia, and it’s one we’re very proud to offer our clients.

High quality equipment deserves high quality support

Our globally-acclaimed commercial refrigeration systems are designed and engineered to offer you outstanding workmanship, efficiency and performance life. Nevertheless, we appreciate things can sometimes go amiss. It’s why we maintain an Australia-wide network of trusted after-sales service partners, allowing us to support you as and when required with a fast and locally-based warranty and repair service.

Ultimately, it’s all about helping you run your commercial food business with maximum confidence, efficiency and peace of mind, while minimising any downtime, now and into the future.


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