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Changing With The Seasons

Why Autumn demands optimum temperature control in Australia’s commercial kitchens.

Summer is hot. Winter is cold. But often it’s the changing seasons, like right now in Autumn, that present plenty of challenges for Australian food businesses when it comes to managing commercial refrigeration systems.

Clearly, you want your food, beverages and ingredients to be stored, presented and served in optimal conditions. But at the same time, why use more energy than you need to as the mercury begins to drop? Similarly, if there’s an unseasonal blast of warm weather, you need to make sure your refrigeration and freezer systems are able to cope accordingly. This is precisely where your choice of equipment really comes into play.

Time is Money

Many of the commercial refrigeration solutions used in Australia are still quite rudimentary when it comes to technology and energy efficiency. In the ever-changing Autumn months, this can mean you’re constantly having to monitor and adjust your temperature settings to keep your food at the optimal conditions for taste, freshness and health (especially in the case of products such as cooked meats which must be kept at consistent temperatures not exceeding 5°C, to prevent dangerous levels of bacteria). Doing this is obviously time consuming. It’s also entirely unnecessary when you could be using an industry-leading system, like those from True Refrigeration, instead.

State-of-the-art Precision

Regardless of the temperature outside, the goal is to achieve constant and efficient cooling performance at all times. True’s refrigeration and freezer systems boast highly accurate digital control for state-of-the-art temperature precision, all year ’round. In fact, many of our solutions are designed to hold food-safe temperatures consistently, even in the ‘heavy-duty’ conditions (40°C/40% relative humidity) typical of today’s busiest commercial kitchens.

In the case of our market-leading True Bar Refrigerators (TBR), you can also specify one of three different holding temperatures to suit the storage of different product:

  • 0.5-3.3°C for Beer, Soft Drinks, Juices and Milk.
  • 13-18°C for Red Wine.
  • 7-13°C White Wine, Premium Lagers & Ales.

Materials Matter

While precise temperature control is always critical, so is the ability to deliver – and maintain – it with maximum efficiency. To do this, True Refrigeration uses only the highest quality components across its range, such as energy-optimised compressors and electrically-commutated motors, all backed by a 5-year Parts & Labour Warranty.

Coupled with CFC free, polyurethane, a high-density insulation with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP), it means you can be confident your refrigeration and freezer systems are always delivering industry-exceeding energy standards without sacrificing performance – whether it’s the middle of Summer, the depths of Winter or an unseasonably warm day right now, in Autumn.

Want precise temperature control and energy efficiency all year ’round? Contact True Refrigeration today.

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