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True on Tap – Exploring the World of Kegged Beverages

The last few years have seen a huge increase in operators offering draft beverages. Long a preferred dispense method for beer and ales, today just about any chilled beverage you can think of is available on tap.

The last few years have seen a huge increase in operators offering draft beverages. Long a preferred dispense method for beer and ales, today just about any chilled beverage you can think of is available on tap.

The advantages of kegged drinks aren’t new. Generally, they work out less expensive per unit, and are easier to deliver, store, serve and recycle, compared to hundreds of bottles, cans and cartons.

Once limited to pubs and restaurants with elaborate cellar systems, self-contained plug-in keg chiller and dispenser units have opened up the world of “on tap” beverages to everyone. Today you will find draft drinks available at small retailers, coffee shops, supermarkets, even in offices.

“Self-serve” is the name of the trend. For years soft-drink refill stations have been a familiar thing, but operators are now thinking bigger in scope.

As is often the case where speed and convenience are of primary concern, the USA has been leading the charge in developing this offering. Walk into a modern American bar today, and you shouldn’t be surprised to see taps per individual table or entire walls of taps where people help themselves to a previously unimaginable range of different draft beverages. Technological advances such as contactless payment have also been incorporated, making the process of queuing and jostling for position at the bar a thing of the past in some cases.

In this post we take a look at some of the most popular and maybe some more surprising on tap offerings currently out there.

Beer and Ale

This one should come as no surprise. The vast majority would surely agree that beer on tap is preferable to bottles and cans. From a customer experience perspective, draft beer engages the senses offering a crisper taste, better body, and increased visual appeal. And for bar owners, there’s higher profit margins through greater product yield.

A self-contained keg chiller/dispenser unit can make it simple and economical for your business to offer seasonal and locally-produced craft beers from smaller brewers, alongside beers from major, mainstream brands.


Cocktail theatricality has always been a marvel to experience and its popularity has grown in recent years. But for regular customers with a favoured tipple, getting their drink quickly and with flavour consistently might be more of a draw – and that’s where kegged cocktails come into play – they don’t compromise on taste and take a fraction of the time to serve.


Not to be frowned upon by wine lovers! Kegged wine tastes great and maintains taste. Opened bottles of wine very quickly shift and taste unlike they should. This is a turnoff to guests and can result in waste. With kegged wine the taste remains perfect no matter how long passes, so business owners save money with each pour.

Shelf life is improved exponentially compared to bottles, which oxidize and spoil within two days of opening. In a keg, the beverage does not come in contact with the air, which ensures quality from the first glass to the last, guaranteeing a satisfied customer.

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew and nitro cold brew coffees are slowly becoming big business for a range of operators, poised to deliver a combined annual growth rate of almost 30% by 2022. Traditional cold brew is smooth and flavourful, but infusing it with nitrogen takes it to a whole new level.

Serving it from a keg or a draft system, offers simplicity and correct serve temperatures. Plus, can be used by consumers in self-serve environments so they too can achieve the perfect pour.

On Tap from True

Our Direct Draw Dispensers and range of available “tapping kits” are suitable for serving a wide variety of drinks on tap. In addition to those above, soft drinks, ciders, iced teas, milk, kombucha and many other chilled beverages can be dispensed direct from keg using our products.

Since different beverages are best stored and served at different temperatures, our TDR dispensers can be specified in three different temperature builds, each suitable for specific drinks. The ‘0.5 to 3.3°C’ is ideal for beers, soft drinks, juices and milk, ‘7 to 13°C’ is more suited to white wine, Premium Lagers & Ales, and ‘13 to 18°C’ is perfect for red wine. So, no matter what you choose to serve, we can help you get it right.

For more information about Direct Draw Dispensers, keg sizing, tapping options, and how you can achieve a perfect serve, get in touch with True today.

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