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Kitchen Design Made Easy as True Refrigeration Partner with Specifi

True Refrigeration is pleased to announce that our core range of refrigeration equipment is now available on Specifi.

Specifi is the leading software in restaurant design, giving consultants, dealers and designers access to a huge range of design tools developed specifically for the industry.

Specifi makes 3D restaurant design much easier with a huge library of kitchen equipment from top brands across the world – now including True Refrigeration.

Our partnership with Specifi means our customers will have the most up-to-date product specifications on leading True products including all configuration options on popular units like the TCR.

Specifi makes it easier to visualize how products will look in a kitchen, but what else is important in good kitchen design?

Top Tips for Kitchen Design

The key to restaurant success is having good kitchen design principles.

Strong design and a carefully planned layout ensures service runs smoothly, so what should you consider incorporating when planning?

Choose the Right Model

Every kitchen has its own unique needs and the equipment has to keep up. Many True products, such as the TPP, can be configured with doors and drawers to meet your needs and ensure your kitchen runs as efficiently as possible.

Specifi’s 3D modeling allows you to visualize True’s configurable products to make sure equipment fits in with the overall design and is optimized for use.

Think About The Flow

To ensure the correct flow is achieved, different areas of your kitchen should be positioned in specific ways. For example, food preparation should be positioned between bulk storage and the cooking area. Preparation should also be segregated into different processes, such as raw meat/fish prep, veg prep, prepared or ready-cooked prep, poultry prep, and pastry and dessert prep.

Equipment should be strategically placed so that staff can take as few steps as possible, with minimal bending, reaching, walking, or turning. This helps to streamline service, making for a more efficient working environment, and in turn, a happier customer.

Luckily, True’s range of under counter refrigeration and prep tables can be configured to suit your space, enabling you to create a safe kitchen flow without compromising on space.

Consider Space Saving

In recent years, we’ve seen kitchen space decrease to make way for more front of house seating. As a result, kitchen equipment needs to be carefully chosen to ensure the chefs’ needs are met without wasting precious space.

You’ll need to make provisions for space between pieces of equipment, in front of equipment including opening doors, as well as factoring in space for staff to walk freely around the kitchen. Your restaurant will depend on you getting this right.

True’s range of small footprint refrigeration equipment is designed to fit in the smallest of kitchen spaces while still maintaining optimum cooling temperatures and ensuring kitchen success.

True’s small footprint units are perfect for tightly packed kitchen spaces.

Make Service Quicker and Life Easier

All kitchens have a ‘bulk’ stores area, but it is imperative to consider localized refrigeration too. A combination of under counter refrigeration allows kitchen staff to store stock removing the need for various trips up to the main walk-in refrigerator or freezer.

This enables a more efficient operation, cutting down on unnecessary traffic and crossover within the kitchen. In a small kitchen, having equipment like this is paramount to making the space work effectively.

Stay Energy Conscious

Designing a professional kitchen isn’t just about how it looks; efficiency and performance must also be considered.

Creating an energy-efficient kitchen saves you money. Refrigeration and cooking equipment should be kept apart to save your refrigeration unit from overworking. Cooking equipment should also be strategically placed to promote ventilation efficiency.

In line with recent changes made to EU legislation, True products are powered by eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants that improve energy efficiency and drive down running costs.

Specifi Share gives you full access to detailed product data on key sustainability indicators such as energy consumption so you can design an eco-conscious kitchen that delivers on practicality.

Make It Your Own

A commercial kitchen doesn’t have to be ordinary, especially in an open kitchen concept. More and more, kitchen designers are thinking outside of the box to create unique kitchen spaces that add character to the restaurant’s vibe.

Adding a splash of color to True units with the powder coating upgrade is a great way to show off brand personality.

Powder coat for a pop of color.

All in One Place

As an operator, the design of your kitchen is key for top class service and professional consultants can help you to implement these steps and formalize them into an actionable project.

No matter how you approach your design projects, Specifi makes designing a commercial kitchen quick and easy with access to 3D models of all True products and the most up-to-date product information available.

Find out more about Specifi design software and request access to True’s full product range at https://us.specifiglobal.com/

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