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Keeping Equipment Safe and Manageable During Lockdown

As European governments continue to remind the public of the importance of good hygiene in tackling the spread of Coronavirus, True Refrigeration has written a handy guide to help operators safely maintain their refrigeration equipment during lockdown procedures.

Cleaning Your Refrigerator

Whether your business has shut down temporarily, or you’re still fulfilling delivery services, ensuring your refrigerator is clean is paramount to the hygienic standard of your premises and the effectiveness of your equipment.

By giving your refrigerator a good clean, you avoid contamination and can ensure your business is ready and raring to go once lockdown procedures are lifted.

To clean your refrigerator, first, empty it of its contents.

True recommends the use of soap and warm water to clean the external and internal of your cabinet. Take care to use non-abrasive tools, soft cloths, and plastic scouring pads to avoid harming the material coating.

The interior should be cleaned with a mild solution of baking soda and water which will help reduce any inherent odors.

TOP TIP: Never use steel pads, wire brushes, or scrapers.

Maintaining Your Refrigerator

True refrigerators are manufactured with the finest materials and under rigid quality controls. However, they still need a minimum amount of care to work effectively, safely and trouble-free for years to come.

Use this period of downtime to ensure you are taking the best care of your equipment, catching up on preventative maintenance tasks that you may not always have enough time to conduct when service is busy.

Follow these simple suggestions:

1. Check internal product temperatures.
2. Brush off condenser coil, with compressed air if needed.
3. Inspect whether lights are working (if applicable).
4. Check the physical condition of gaskets and make sure they are sealing correctly.

For more in-depth information on performing any of these actions, be sure to consult the manual provided with the product, or the electronic copy available on True’s website.

On or Off?

If your business has temporarily closed and you are no longer serving customers in any sort of capacity, you might have considered switching your refrigerators off to save energy and money.

First, remove all perishable items, and switch the unit off and/or unplug it from the power supply before cleaning your unit as suggested above. The most important thing to remember is that after you have cleaned your refrigerator, you must leave the refrigerator door open. This prevents odors and bacteria growth taking hold.

However, if you aren’t in favor of turning your refrigerator off, be sure to keep track of the ‘use by’ dates on the contents, and you will also benefit from reduced energy use just by opening the doors less frequently.

Looking for More Tips?

If you’re looking for more ways of keeping your refrigeration safe and manageable in these uncertain times, True is always here to help.

From industry advice, product support, and units and spares, we’re here for you.

Stay safe, take care.

Team True.

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